The Symphony in Ireland

This online exhibition traces the story of symphonic music in Ireland through the performance activities of  orchestras (The Anacreontic Society and The Dublin Orchestral Society) and composers resident in or connected with Ireland (Paul Alday, Charles Villiers Stanford, Michele Esposito).

All images  are taken from items in the collections of the Royal Irish Academy of Music Library.

This exhibition was planned in conjunction with the one-day symposium on The Symphony in Ireland in the  DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama (20 April 2013).

alday001 Anacreontic Society
1. The first Irish symphonies 2. The Anacreontic Society
esposito 1908 (small) Dublin Orchestral Society
3. Michele Esposito 4. Dublin Orchestral Society
Charles Villiers Stanford
5. Charles Villiers Stanford