The Royal Irish Academy of Music library was founded in 1939 as the Monteagle Library. However, some of its historic collections date back to the middle of the 18th century.These special collections comprise printed and manuscript materials originally privately collected or belonging to orchestral and choral societies active in Dublin in the 18th and 19th centuries, and include:

The collection of the Anacreontic Society, an orchestral society active in Dublin from 1740 – 1865,

The collections of the Sons of Handel and the Antient Concerts Society, active 1810 – 1863,  

The Hudleston Collection of solo and chamber music for guitar, collected by Josiah Andrew Hudleston (1799-1865) featuring  c. 1,100 printed works by Giuliani, Sor and Carulli and many others, in original and contemporary editions.  The collection is digitised and to access the images, go to the catalogue at library.riam.ie and select “Hudleston Collection” from the menu or use the following direct link,

The Joan Trimble Collection The personal music collection of composer and pianist Joan Trimble (1915 – 2000)

The library alsMichele Espositoo holds most of the published works of Michele Esposito (1855-1929), a Neapolitan composer, conductor and musician who was a key figure in the RIAM from 1882 to 1928.

There are also printed and manuscript works by other RIAM composers such as Robert Stewart, T. R. G. Jozé and Joseph Robinson.

For more information about the Special Collections and access to these, please contact the librarian at philipshields@riam.ie or +353-1-6325318.


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